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Võit! Uued tuuled energia tootmises

Äkki hakkaks energiat tootma aknaklaasist? Üldse on nii, et kui tuuakse lagedale viis kuidas luua energiat ilma, et peaks pool maakera üles kaevama või maha põletama saabub maale rahu. Ja meid vaesemaid pole vaja enam jalge tallata ega supressida. tšau … Continue reading

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u must sync the two worlds, bro

When looking at the media today it is clear to see the Archons are at the height of their reign tugging on poor humanities heart with continuous portents of doom. Their height is our lowest state. “The economy is falling” … Continue reading

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My dad says: “You are what you do …

But what you do makes me cry” aasta oli 1992, kas miskit on muutunud? I spoke for six minutes and received a standing ovation. Some of the delegates even cried. I thought that maybe I had reached some of them, … Continue reading

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Business Shamanism

 “The characteristic art form of our age may be the business plan.” What if Walmart suddenly went completely organic, started growing vegetables on its rooftops, invested in its workers with alternative health benefits, decent salaries, and education programs? Instead of … Continue reading

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ma räägin et asjad käivad teistmoodi

Härra on üle 80 aastane ja pole söönud ega joonud 12.aastasest peale varsti elame kõik nii

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Kvantum tervenemine

Testisin ise, töötab. Tegelt teate ise ka, et see töötab.

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