u must sync the two worlds, bro

When looking at the media today it is clear to see the Archons are at the height of their reign tugging on poor humanities heart with continuous portents of doom. Their height is our lowest state. “The economy is falling” “A Satellite is Falling” “Its all Falling”! Someone tell Chicken George that it is he that is failing and falling thus confusing his state for that of the Universe which powers forth causing awe as such existence baffles man and woman when they cannot fit it into a mind that accepts death as a realistic component for itself. We do not die we simply transmute.

The megastructure is merely showing that it is collapsing under the weight and diversity of organic life and now must turn it back over to its real Nourisher which has always remained present watching the inevitable. The Return of the Children. The Child is Fearless. Come forth Child and witness magnificence as it is your story.

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