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Teeme asjad selgeks


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Whatever I AM, you ARE. Truth is blossoming all over the world like peach blossoms in the springtime.

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What you think of aLIEns?

By believing that there’s these grand intelligent beings, which there aren’t, in other cosmos, you get to deny yourself here. You get to think that somebody’s going to come along and save you or do anal probes, one of the … Continue reading

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a little bit of music

take your time to love The Books – Chain of Missing Links

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December 2011 – umpalumpa shite that might help if feeling lost

iz like a horoscope or maybe not 🙂 ehk igas “umpalumpas” on kübeke tõtt The Gemini Lunar Eclipse on December 10 could be a wild roller coaster ride. Truth telling Uranus moves direct just hours before this eclipse. However, Gemini’s … Continue reading

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