What you think of aLIEns?

By believing that there’s these grand intelligent beings, which there aren’t, in other cosmos, you get to deny
yourself here. You get to think that somebody’s going to come along and save you or do anal probes, one
of the two, or do an anal probe and then save you. (laughter) It’s a form of denial. And it doesn’t make a
difference anyway. They’re insignificant. They’re here, the beings from other dimensions, generally not
even physical in nature. Just get over that one. Aliens aren’t physical. They’re kind of a … they have a
different type of essence, but they don’t take on physical body.
there are some life forces that are very, very
interested in Earth. They watch you – from a distance; they’re not stupid. They watch from a distance.
They send probes in. They send probes in.

That’s a different type of probe. They do send energy, well, you call them beams in, waves
in, and sometimes you’ll perceive these as little metal ships with lights that spin around. Most of the time
they’re not physical. But that’s your anchor. You have to make it physical to try to understand it. So your
eyes see it as this metal ship floating around.
They got over metal ships a long time ago, because it was a waste of good metal sending it here. So now
they use these kind of light probes. They’re not more advanced. You could say technically, yeah, they have
a few things that you don’t have, but they’re not more advanced. Actually, there is no place more advanced
than Earth.

If they were so advanced, they would have already come down and told you that “You are God also, now get
over everything else.” That’s what they would have said. They would have said, “What are you searching
for? Start living it.” They are interested in something you have that they don’t. They’re fascinated by it.
They are intrigued by it. They want to manufacture it, package it, sell it to other planets maybe, and it’s
called love. Love. Love.

Adamus St Germain

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