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It’s so very clear that our current system doesn’t offer any type of real andactual freedom – there is no actual individuality – we’re all simply followers, that follow the money wherever it will go – and in that we give up upon ourselves, and we accept life as it is, because we believe there is nothing more, and that nothing can be done.

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Capitalism and Stockholm syndrome

We as a world population seem to have come to terms with, and identify ourselves with slavery, dependency, addiction, control and fear as motivation for survival. This seems to be the only purpose of our existence, and we allow this as global normalcy.

Humans have this peculiar ability to try to find an easy way out no matter what kind of compromise, suppression or evil it may take instead of looking at a situation with common sense and walking and standing by a solution that will be benefit for all life on our planet

We have Stockholm disorder. We have accepted and allowed suppression of common sense, instead of looking for a real solution and even defend our misery, instead of finding a way of co-existing and actually living, and enjoying living here together as planetary humans. We are taught to look to find our own separate and individual happiness within the sea of suffering, poverty and struggle we see around us every day. Many are taught the theory of, “acceptance of what is,” which are symptoms of Stockholm syndrome.

Quote from Socialism From Wikipedia: “Socialists hold that capitalism is an illegitimate economic system, since it serves the interests of the wealthy and allows the exploitation of lower classes.”


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