Think new: We travel not light!

There is no such thing as a black hole.
Opposites don’t attract.
Nothing Ever travels in a straight line.
There is No speed of light.
Density does not equal gravity.
There is no such thing as an “atom”.

And too many other things to list.

Has science EVER observed or filmed an atom or black hole?

If they hold the scientific method in such high regard, then how have they created entire branches of science from NON observations?

Science and Spirituality is different than man’s Psyence and Religion. (sense based group- think and corporate driven propaganda

Einstein never heard of Walter Russell.
Both Tesla and Russell thought of Einstein as the village idiot speaking about nonsensical and fallacious concepts that don’t apply in reality.

Science thinks gravity is a pulling force from the inside out, but it’s a PUSHING force from the outside in.

They are trying to argue that the center of a hurrcane or tornado has some invisible “dark matter” so dense that the hurrcane itself is being sucked into itself and that light can’t escape….
Does that make ANY f$^%king sense?!?!

Light is the stationary fulcrum by which positive or negative charged matter can even balance out.

WE travel. Not light.
All matter is in motion.
Light = rest.

Jason Verbelli

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