Left in the Dark

If we look at our global society, it is apparent that all is not well. Despite good intentions and attempts at cooperation, we live in a very fragmented and violent world. There is war and genocide, we are inflicting havoc on the only planet that sustains us, and we are
having increasing problems with interpersonal relationships. It seems we are incapable of behaving anywhere near the ideal we would like to maintain. These problems are becoming more intense in our present era as increasing population and dwindling resources exert more
and more pressure.

It is a deeply held scientific assumption that humans not only represent the pinnacle of evolution but that advance proceeds apace. This view however is in conflict with observed behaviour – our inability to harmoniously coexist with each other and the increasingly rapid exploitation of the earth suggests we really are suffering from a psychological malady.

There are many mysterious anomalies about human evolution yet to be adequately explained. These include the human brains rapid expansion in size and complexity, why this accelerating expansion suddenly stalled roughly 200,000 years ago and our brains have been shrinking ever since, and why our rare glimpses of genius goes hand in hand with our species wide insanity.

Tegelt on jah kummaline et evolutsioon on niipidi, et inimene justkui muutub täiuslikumaks samas piibel ja enamus religioonid kirjeldavad, kuidas alguses olid inimesed jumalataolised ja neil olid selgeltnägija võimed ja  elu oli lust ja lillepidu, kuni juhtus miskit ja siis kõik hakkas taandarenema.

Et lühidalt hakkasin seda lugema:

Tony Wright, Graham Gynn:” Left In The Dark”


Raamat sellest kuidas inimesed  banaaniga segunesid :))

Ei, aga tegelt, miks me oleme parema või vasakukäelised???

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