Russia vs Ukraine vs ? _IT IS TIME TO LEARN SOMETHING

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for some reason it is very hard to take sides in this.

… of course we know that Russia’s propaganda machines work at full speed. Yes we know too well as we experience the influence of our own government propaganda breathing in our necks blurring our vision. Anyway history shows that the ones claiming to make a change and revolutionize the current powers go sour so quickly. No matter which side wins! Not everyone is Hitler, but hey, look around you. Just a couple of dozen of years ago: walls where falling, people believed in change, though they can trust the people in charge. They really believed they’ve got it right this time (at least your parents did!). And now we’re building them up again1 Hurray!

There are no guarantees whatsoever!

It is so hard to take old powers and new powers seriously. History has repeated itself so many times that I think it is time to change something else. If think the time is right to jump out from the carousel of power shifts. Monarchy, communism, socialism, fascism etc and now democracy – they all have proven to go south one point or another.

It is time to really start considering HUMAN NATURE  when creating  a system that humans could be able to live by and stop idealizing us. How long will we act as idiots. We are not able to live as equals in communities, all people are not able to share, all people are not smart enough to make right choices, to vote for the right party, to make money, all people can not be leaders, no man is superior enough to rule others, not all people want to work or get an education, not everyone believes in your god… face it – we are all different. There’s just ONE THING WE HAVE IN COMMON – we live on the same planet. Why not take this as a starting point for once and stop fantasizing about utopian political systems that will somehow fulfill everyone’s dreams and put an end to looking for a savior outside of ourselves.

There is only ONE PLANET to keep and take care of – look how much we have in common already!

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