Hello Venice !  I have news too!

Me and my husband are planning to hold a referendum to brake free from the rest of our country and create our own republic. As we are unsatisfied with it’s current government, and it’s lack of support and the high taxes.

Campaigners have been inspired by the example of Scotland, which will hold its referendum on independence from the rest of the UK in September, and Catalonia, where around half the population say they want to break away from Spain.

We want our future independent state to be known as “Republic of Me and my Husband”

We acknowledge that the vote is not binding on the national government in Estonia and could cause a massive constitutional upheaval, but  we insist that  if it passes, we will start taking steps to withhold taxes, in what would effectively be a unilateral declaration of independence.

Scotland and Catalonia are way ahead of us, but the “Me and Husband” are very fertile– there has been an independence movement since they moved out of their parents house last September” said dr Mann, my psychiatrist.

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