Check out this film, I am just amazed how intelligent those kids are. Poor kids.

Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about being poor and homelessness, maybe because I feel the shadow hanging over myself as well. I am so close to giving all my dreams up to devote myself to my minimum wage job full time then I could at least once have some things like…a home for example. How long can you couch surf. ffff I haven’t had money for half a year now, just for basic things and food. It does change you as a person.
You keep on putting that face in public… yeah everything is OK, I am strong…Damn just last week I was at my friends birthday, a successful friend, and I was having a conversation with one of her friends, she was “complaining” that oh she doesn’t know anyone earning the minimum wage 350€, which should be the norm in this country right? she is lucky with her friends all successful and that…” I am one of those people!” I wanted to say, but I didn’t I was silent…Why should a poor person relate to rich people, why should a poor people do that to themselves – see the life then never can have??? The food that could never afford?
So if there are rich people having the same problem and missing us: the majority, the poor, well: HERE I AM, ignoring you.

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