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Left in the Dark

If we look at our global society, it is apparent that all is not well. Despite good intentions and attempts at cooperation, we live in a very fragmented and violent world. There is war and genocide, we are inflicting havoc on the … Continue reading

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What if nature goes on STRIKE?

Can human nature replace nature? Freechoice –  a good thing? what if nature decides to use it’s freechoice and stop everything it is doing at once? The more laws we have the more criminals we have…so the laws are created … Continue reading

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Equal Money System made clear

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a little bit of music

take your time to love The Books – Chain of Missing Links

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u must sync the two worlds, bro

When looking at the media today it is clear to see the Archons are at the height of their reign tugging on poor humanities heart with continuous portents of doom. Their height is our lowest state. “The economy is falling” … Continue reading

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Kvantum tervenemine

Testisin ise, töötab. Tegelt teate ise ka, et see töötab.

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