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Left in the Dark

If we look at our global society, it is apparent that all is not well. Despite good intentions and attempts at cooperation, we live in a very fragmented and violent world. There is war and genocide, we are inflicting havoc on the … Continue reading

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DNA’d on võimalik programmeerida Through exploring the vibrational behavior of the DNA, Russian scientists were able to use certain frequency patterns to alter the genetic information itself. Even more astounding, the experiment proved that one can use words and sentences to influence DNA. … Continue reading

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Valgusest kiiremad osakesed??!!! juhhuuu!!!

“If it is true, then we truly haven’t understood anything about anything.” Alvaro de Rujula, a theorist at CERN

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Hüvasti evolutsioon

Ma ei ole iialgi tahtnud omaks võtta teooriat, et me oleme arenenud ahvist.  See, et keegi pole midagi paremat  asemele pakkunud  ei tähenda, et evolutsiooni teooria on tõene. Nüüd kui on ilmunud raamatud nagu  nt.”Hidden Archeology” , mis toob ilmselgelt … Continue reading

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